This honey comes from Tatley Outpost in Pateros, WA. Our farms are surrounded by cherry and apple orchards, which the bees pollinate in the spring and summer. The honey tastes sweet, with a hint of sage, hemp and hops. This honey is not heated up, and contains all the beneficial enzymes that are found in raw unfiltered honey. Our beehives are not just for honey, but for teaching veterans how become beekeepers as well. Your purchase will help fund our program to spread the knowledge of beekeeping to our veterans, and to our communities!

Raw & Unfiltered Honey

  • Raw and unfiltered honey has high wax content, and may solidify if stored for a long time. To soften it back up, heat up some water and place the jar in for a few minutes. 

  • Do not feed children under 1 year of age, or if pregnant or nursing.